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Prior to the trial we will gather evidence and examine it for any holes or errors. Breathalyzers are imperfect and can sometimes be suppressed (left out of trial). Officers who do not follow all rules for a field sobriety test can also have their testimony and judgment called into question. By building a strong case like this early on, we can often convince the prosecution to give up and offer you a deal without ever going to trial. Or we can take your case all the way to trial and fight for your acquittal in court.  Our Whatcom County DUI lawyers have an excellent record at trial so should this be your option, you would be in good hands. 

When you choose the Law Firm of David N. Jolly as your Bellingham DUI lawyer, we will walk you through every aspect of your case. We always make time for our clients and want to make sure you feel informed and confident at every stage. The world of DUI law can be confusing and complicated, particularly in Washington. However we know all of the judges, prosecutors and key law enforcement officers and their histories and tactics. We use this vast experiential knowledge on top of years of honed legal expertise to maximize your chances of winning your case and keeping your license and freedom.  For immediate help and details following your arrest for driving under the influence please go directly to our Bellingham DUI Help Center.


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Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device may be ordered by a Bellingham Judge as soon as the day following your arrest for driving under the influence. If you have a prior DUI arrest it is now mandatory in Washington to install the device within five days of the new arrest. Further, if you are convicted of driving under the influence or are approved for deferred prosecution, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Alcohol Drug Evaluation

An arrest for any criminal charge will cause tremendous stress and anxiety to anyone.  Such an arrest may lead to shame, guilt or even worse. An arrest for DUI also carries with it mandatory penalties that include Jail, substantial fines, the installation of an ignition interlock device, a lengthy license suspension, and restriction on travel to Canada. No honest attorney would ever communicate to a prospective client that such cases are easy to defend, because they are not.  However, if you are charged with a DUI in Bellingham you can take an important step in protecting yourself by hiring an experienced and competent DUI lawyer. Bellingham is notoriously tough on those accused of driving under the influence and you need all the knowledge and creativity only a seasoned Whatcom County criminal defense attorney can bring. If you are facing a charge of driving under the influence your best defense starts with Bellingham DUI lawyer David N. Jolly.  Call him at (360) 293-2275 today.

The alcohol drug evaluation takes approximately two hours long and will result in a diagnosis.  The diagnosis classify the participant as having no significant dependency problem, a potential problem or a problem.  If the diagnosis indicates no dependency issues the participant will need to complete the 8-hour alcohol drug information school. The ADIS class is run by local Bellingham treatment providers and should be completed before the conclusion of your criminal case.

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Do you need a Bellingham DUI Lawyer? Bellingham, Washington is known to be very strict on drivers pulled over for drunk driving. The local law enforcement use numerous speed traps placed near bars and other nightlife hotspots and then they arrest aggressively at any sign of supposed inebriation. This aggressive strategy works well because most drivers don’t hire a lawyer and have a difficult time fighting the charges, leading to a high conviction rate. However, at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly we know that you are not a criminal and we’re here to fight for you and your freedom every step of the way. We want to be your Bellingham DUI Lawyer.

Bellingham Probation

The alcohol drug evaluation is rarely given the importance it truly deserves when DUI cases are discussed.  While it is acknowledged the most important issues to address following an arrest for driving under the influence in Bellingham are court, jail and licensing concerns, the alcohol evaluation is a mandatory condition of both Bellingham Municipal Court and Whatcom County District Court for every drunk driving case.  Further, should you lose your driver's license due to an arrest for DUI, the Department of Licensing will not permit you to reinstate your privilege to drive until you have submitted both the alcohol evaluation and ADIS class. It is very important not to do an alcohol evaluation until you have received counsel from your Bellingham DUI lawyer.

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The DUI Victim Impact is a powerful tool that is used to educate the Bellingham DUI defendant about the dangers of drinking and driving. The Panel consists of victims of DUI, most notably family members who have lost loved ones due to a DUI accident, who tell their personal story to the attendees. The purpose of the 2-hour session is not to Judge or lecture, but simply to educate. The DUI Victim Panel is held weekly at the Whatcom County District Court and costs $50.

As your Bellingham DUI lawyer, our work starts right away with your administrative hearing. This is a hearing before a review panel to consider whether to revoke your driver’s license. This typically happens before you even get a chance to defend yourself in a court trial which shocks many people. We know how to represent you at the hearing to try to keep your license, and have a high rate of success. 

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In addition to court proceedings you will also have to deal with the Washington State Department of Licensing in order to keep your driver's license.  You have only 20 days to request a hearing following your release from the Washington State Trooper, Whatcom County Sheriff or Bellingham Police Officer. It is important you act immediately so please contact our Bellingham DUI Lawyers to talk about this important deadline. However, you can continue to lawfully drive for no less than 60 days following your arrest or until there is a ruling following your DOL hearing. It is important to talk about your driving privileges with your criminal defense lawyer to be clear so that no further harm will occur. Bellingham can be hard on alleged drunk drivers, even first time offenders and Whatcom County as a whole is noted as a tough place to find yourself arrested for driving under the influence.  Knowing this very important fact it is therefore critical you prepare in advance and take the process seriously.  This starts by hiring experienced and competent legal counsel and with David Jolly as your Bellingham DUI Lawyer you will have the best representation possible.

One of the least desirable outcomes of a Bellingham DUI case is having to deal with the Whatcom County Probation Department. The individuals who work for the department are by and large very pleasant people however, being placed on Supervised Probation is time consuming, invasive and most importantly, very expensive. Although your legal counsel will do everything possible to avoid being placed on supervised probation there are some instances when this is not possible despite the attempts of your DUI lawyer. Whatcom County Judges have the discretion to place you on any form of probation they so please. However, to reduce your chances of supervised probation in Bellingham complete your alcohol evaluation, ADIS class and DUI Victim Panel before the conclusion of your case.

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  • Ignition Interlock Devices: The law demands mandatory installation following arraignment if you have a prior DUI arrest
  • Probation: You will be placed on probation during your case if you have a prior DUI arrest or high BAC
  • TAD/SCRAM Devices: If you have prior DUI arrests the Bellingham Judge may order you to install a TAD bracelet on your ankle during the case.
  • BAC Machines: The new BAC Machine, the Draeger Alcotest is now active in Bellingham cases.​
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